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420 Episode with Adrian

With 420 coming up this weekend Adrian and I thought it would be fun to do a 420 episode. Watch us eat edibles, talk cannabis, and give travel tips. … Continue reading 420 Episode with Adrian

What to know about Cannabis

As of currently there are 11 states that have recreational cannabis use and 36 states with medicinal use. This post is coming in time for 4/20 week. April 20th has … Continue reading What to know about Cannabis

San Diego, California

From the East coast to the West coast. Last month I had a chance to visit Miami, Florida. This month the destination is San Diego, California. More specifically, Ocean Beach, … Continue reading San Diego, California

5 Denver Must-Do (Plus: Recommendations)

So you just got off the plane. Walking through the airport you hop on the train to take you to Union Station. You have arrived! Now what? In this post … Continue reading 5 Denver Must-Do (Plus: Recommendations)