Keep it Moving

Writers Block #1

Keep it Moving.

I’m experiencing writers block,

I have no idea what to write so i’m just going to write what comes to my mind.

What I say may bounce around from topic to topic so bare with me.

What can come out of doing this can be something pretty interesting

*I paused for a second to listen to what’s going on around me


The conversation next to me is pretty interesting and I learned that the harder you push and force something the more it pushes back.

It’s a man interviewing someone for the job.

The interviewer is asking a woman about past jobs, experiences, goals and ambitions.

The woman was being asked about her kids and raising them and how she changed as a person.

We can also take the side that says she may just be making it up to look good for the interview, and get the job.

It’s all about how you look at the conversation,

Yin & Yang


Think Positive and accept the opposing side.

Everyone has something to teach us, which I believe is a great point to life. Growth and expansion are the driving forces.

Science is starting to show that the more stationary we are the shorter our life span opposed to someone who is active.

In the abstract titled, Sedentary behaviors increase risk of cardiovascular disease mortality in men states:

In men, riding in a car and combined time spent in these two sedentary behaviors were significant CVD mortality predictors. In addition, high levels of physical activity were related to notably lower rates of CVD death even in the presence of high levels of sedentary behavior. Health promotion efforts targeting physically inactive men should emphasize both reducing sedentary activity and increasing regular physical activity for optimal cardiovascular health.”

CVD stands for Cardiovascular disease. (Heart conditions that include diseased vessels, structural problems, and blood clots)

Take to account that this is just the abstract which is just like a summary of an experiment.

I don’t feel like reading and trying to understand all the technical language.

The way I approach learning is through experience: learn a little bit of the basic of a topic, and then try for myself.

If it is something that improves me, and can benefit other people, I learn more about it.

With that being said, I love to workout and found that when I’m stationary or getting too comfortable. I’m less motivated to workout, I feel bad, and I eat like shit.

Food cravings increase and I eat everything. Mainly donuts and cake.


Improve TakeawayThe body needs something to keep it going and putting it to work can help keep it young and strong.

Something as simple as a brisk walk everyday can help reduce the risk of problems.

I like to start my mornings with a nice walk around the lake in my neighborhood.


Walk .5-1 mile for the next 7 days.

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