Improve Your Habits #7 – 2916 Collective

Improve Your Habits #7 – 2916 Collective

Today, I got to sit down with the co-founders of 2916 Collective.

In this episode we talk about

2:00 What is the 2916 collective

11:11 Habits they are Improving

21:00 Shout out to @BrandonMarchant_

25:20 I talk about my recent travels

31:15 Podcasts, the future of education

38:53 Ideas about monetizing

48:00 Check out @Living_on_Wheels

52:30 Tim’s car blowing up

54:45 Reviews

Reach out to:
Tim Marchant @Iamtimmarchant
Jandrija @Sever.jandrija
Edwin Martinez @Edwgiomar27241

The 2916 Collective
Instagram: @2916collective

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