Bobcast #1 (Heads Up) – Emily, Samantha, Cody, & Robbie

Bobcast #1 (Heads Up) – Emily, Samantha, Cody, & Robbie

Bobcast is a monthly segment of the #ImproveYourHabits Podcast. Each episode guests play different games.

Today’s episode we play the game Heads Up. Similar to charades there is a word on the phone placed on partners forehead. the other partner has to help the ‘blind’ partner say the correct word. Objective of the game is to rack up as many points in the 30 seconds to beat the other team. And.. Since this is the Bobcast, whichever team loses has to drink the difference. Cheers!

Bobcast #1 episode participants:

Emily Neider

Samantha Knecht

Cody Aschenbrenner

Robbie Knecht

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Music used:

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