Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark

Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark

“Max Tegmark is an MIT professor who has authored more than two hundred technical papers on topics from cosmology to artificial intelligence. As president of the Future of Life Institute, he worked with Elon Musk to launch the first-ever grant program for AI safety research. He has been featured in dozens of science documentaries. His passion for ideas, adventure, and entrepreneurship is infectious.” (Bio)

Max Tegmark is a key player in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is going to shape the world and what Max Tegmark states as the first chapter “Welcome to the most important conversation of our time.”

There are many storylines that we could take ranging from utopia to extinction. Max Tegmark describes scenarios in which AI is benevolent and works with humans, and malevolent where the AI treats humans like humans treat ants — not really a bother, but if they are in the way there is no hesitation to remove.

If humans don’t blow themselves up first or die of natural disaster Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has the capability to help humans become a space bearing civilization.

The rate of progression of AI is nothing like we could imagine. Sam Harris stated once in an interview that getting in an argument where each side has one year to respond, AI is doing that one year in one second and ever increasing/compounding.

It’s not our Universe giving meaning to conscious beings, but conscious beings giving meaning to our Universe.

Page 313

One of the big questions is on consciousness and if artificial machines can become conscious. One of the storylines questions if we upload our minds to the machine network would we still be conscious? Another is can we program consciousness into machine? We will have to find out.

What are your thoughts on Artificial Intelligence? Does it worry or excite you? Have you given much thought to the “Most important conversation of our time?”

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