Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort

Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling: Master the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and Success by Jordan Belfort

If you don’t already know who Jordan Belfort is, He is the Wolf of Wall Street. You know the guy Leonardo DiCaprio played in the wild Wall Street movie about a penny stock company?

Jordan Belfort is the Wolf of Wall Street. He has lived many lives, the first ended up costing him his family, wealth, health, and almost his entire life. After spending some time behind bars he came out with a different mindset of helping instead of greed.

During his time at Stratton Oakmont he taught many average joes off the street how to create massive wealth with his Straight Line Selling system. The Straight Line System is so effective that about everyone that came to Stratton Oakmont would become millionaires within a very short amount of time.

But, The Straight Line System is very effect and can be used unethically which is what caused Jordan to derail. If used ethically the Straight Line System can be a very effective system to create massive change in a positive way.

Throughout Way of the Wolf, Jordan Belfort breaks down every part of the Straight Line System from the first four seconds of meeting someone, to body language and tonality, how to deal with objections, and ultimately closing the deal or walking away.

The Straight Line System is about staying in line with the end result in mind, and increasing the prospects level of certainty to a 10/10 with the product you are selling, you as a person, and the company you represent.

People work hard for there money and are hesitant to give it away to uncertainty. We want to know that the we are getting more for our dollar then what it’s worth. It’s the job and duty as the seller to deliver on what is promised, and help solve the customers needs and problems.

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