Personal Corporations

What is going to happen when automation strikes? It’s already happening now. Jobs are being displaced by robots more efficient, produce better quality, and cheaper than any human.

Like a drop of red dye in a glass of water the red slowly spreads until it is all consuming. This is not a post meant to scare and close you off in a bubble of fear, but to help you become aware of a storyline playing out.

With automation, mainly artificial intelligence, there are many storylines that could happen in the not so distant future. From utopia to distopia, I would recommend reading Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark, an MIT professor interested in the field of AI. His book is about how to be human in an age of artificial intelligence.

More likely than not, there will not be a terminator robot Armageddon, but a gradual red dye spreading throughout the water. What do we humans do during these times? I have been thinking about the future and where we could be heading for a couple years. It is obvious that climate change and WWIII is humanities biggest threat. I’m not talking about that, what this post is more related to is what are people going to do in the automated world?

How are we going to find purpose in an automated world? Most of peoples purpose are on the work they do, the jobs they have. Even if they don’t enjoy the work it gives them a reason to get out of bed.

With that in mind, how do we find, maybe even create purpose? First things first is to realize one simple truth: Change is the only constant.

Let me repeat that: Change is the only constant.

What are the times we feel most alive? curious? probably stressed? during times of change.

What are the times when the most growth occurs? During times of change.


More than ever tribes are going to be popping up everywhere. Small tribes of people supporting one another and creating change. This is where I came up with the idea of personal corporations.

Everyone in a sense will be a freelancer. Also, everyone has a particular set of skills that can benefit another in some way. Instead of going through a corporation to find an engineer. The engineer will have her own website to work directly with her. Will there be a third party? I’m not sure. Innovation and projects will consist of tribes of people with all different skill sets.

With every tribe there will be the leaders. The initiators. The first goers.

Leaders are readers

They embrace change. Study others making change. Consistently seeking to make the uncomfortable comfortable. They don’t settle for mediocre. In a world of automation there will be a class of individuals that will become irrelevant, the ones who are afraid of change. Consumerists. What will they do when there minimum wage paying job is automated to a robot? Lacking the skills to do work in the automated world. They will join the tribes created by the leaders.

The leaders make it easy for followers to communicate.

Social Media

Currently, social media was designed to keep your attention for as many hours of the day as possible. The reason the platforms are free is because they are getting paid from the advertisers. Social media platforms do everything they can to keep your attention and then places ads in front of you. The more times you see an ad the more likely you are to purchase the product or service being advertised.

The like, the heart, the ding, the delayed updated feed has all been designed to keep your attention. The content you post to the social media platforms are not yours. What happens if the platforms crash? Where does your content go? Poof! Goodbye years of posting.

Here’s what I suggest.

Personal Corporation

Purchasing a domain, create a website, a hub where people can go to learn everything about you. Focus on growing that. Create it so it incorporates the attributes of every social platform. If the platforms crash you still have all your content.

Keep a feed, a blog to distribute content for others to learn from. Have a portfolio so people can see and understand your personal corporation brand. Create a page, maybe a forum, where people can communicate amongst one another and create a community.

What are you learning. What challenges are you going through. Where have you been. What value are you providing for others.

Personal corporations are based on abundance. Social media is based on scarcity: how many followers do I have, how many likes will this post get me.

Your personal corporation is about you growing, changing, and creating a tribe to support each other. How you overcome failures and what you learned.

Are you are personal trainer? Create a personal corporation to help people live healthy lives. The struggles you went through and go through mentally and physically.

Are you a graphic designer? Create a personal corporation on the work you done. Display your specific design aesthetic. Make it easy for others to learn the process you go through. Teach them.

A personal corporation is a domain where people will come to learn what you have to teach, see what you’re up to, and challenge you. It will take all the beneficial attributes of social media platforms without the manipulative agendas.

Does it make sense?

Personal corporations are an idea that I still have to navigate. I can picture it in my head and am learning how to articulate it in the simplest way. Here is my attempt to dumb it down into a sentence or two: everyone is going to be a freelancer providing value for tribes of other freelancers. Challenging and supporting one another.

For example, take a look at my website I have a blog to communicate an idea and what I am learning (Facebook), a portfolio to display images of my brand (Instagram), and am currently in the process of adding a forum to make it easier for visitors to easily communicate with one another (Twitter).

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