3 Hostel Health Hacks

How many times have you traveled somewhere and came back with extra baggage? I’m not talking about suitcase baggage. I’m talking about the pounds around the waist. In this post we are going to talk 3 hostel health hacks.

HHHI: Veggie Bowl

The veggie bowl is an inexpensive meal that will keep you satiated for hours. Packed with healthy fat, delicious greens, and flavorful spices.

Based on where you are the pricing will vary. What ingredients will taste delicious, be healthy, and keep me full? Glad you asked!

Most grocery stores have prepared items in the vegetable area: vegetable stir fry blend, all greens blend, chopped veggie’ blend. This is going to be your base. While you are in the vegetable area you are going to need a sweet potato and avocado. The sweet potato is part of the base, and the avocado is added as a topping.

Lastly, before exiting the grocery store you are going to need some butter, preferably grass-fed. I use Kerrygold unsalted. By all means please stay away from margarine.

Before going to the grocery store check the cabinets. Most hostels have a free section. Check the free shelf to see what items are already available: spices, veggies, oils.

When cooking begin with frying the sweet potatoes because they take longer to cook. During the time the sweet potatoes are softening boil the veggie blend. Strain and then add with sweet potatoes when soft. Throughout frying add spices. Portion into bowls, while it’s hot add about a tablespoon of butter and stir to melt it. Add the avocado on top. Enjoy!

HHHII: Exercise

Do you really want to come back from vacation weighing 20 pounds heavier? Keep the routine going. It’s easy to be lazy about exercise when traveling.

Plan out a day in advance what part of the next day you are going to exercise. You could do push-ups, sit-ups, planks. Also, go for a jog around an area you have yet to explore. A great way to save cash is to walk everywhere. most cities are walkable and ride sharing expenses add up.

Another item that I recently just thought about is to buy a jump rope. They can fit in your luggage. Jumping rope is great for high intensity workouts. Jump some rope and go right into push-ups or burpees. The possibilities are endless.

If you have a couple extra bucks to spend find a local gym that have day passes. Even better ask to try a free trial.

When I arrived at the hostel in Denver I searched for a gym to join. It was a little pricy, but the gain was greater than the cost. I was planning on working at the hostel which meant I was going to be there for a while. If you get a gym membership make sure to ask many questions. If I had not asked about the contract I would still be locked into a year long contract with 6 months still to be payed. Instead, I had a healthy conversation. Changing a year contract to monthly payments that I can cancel whenever with no additional cost.

Also, you could purchase a black membership at Planet Fitness. The black membership allows you to use any Planet Fitness location. It’s cheap, costing about $20 a month. They have a locker room with showers and massage chairs.

HHHIII: Journal

Travel can be very hectic. A journal is a place to dump out thoughts, problems, ideas, and keep record of your travel adventures. There is a lot that goes down in a hostel: great conversations, memorable experiences, suggestions and recommendations. It can also be a place for positive self talk.

It is not necessary to write in it everyday, but is nice to have around when the mind is all over the place. Writing in a journal can help break down a situation. What happened? How could you improve? What were the consequences? It’s a open dialogue with yourself.

Journals come in all shapes and sizes: blank, grid style, lined, have set tasks. The journal that I am currently using for traveling is a pocket size lined journal. There is always room for it in my bag.


To summarize the 3 hostel health hacks.

  • eat healthy high/whole fat meals to stay satiated for longer. ie, veggie bowl
  • Search the free shelf for spices, oils, and left over veggies
  • preplan a day in advance what you will do to stay active
  • find a park, do some hill sprints, push-ups, jump rope
  • if planning to stay for longer duration look for local gym, but make sure you ask questions: length of contract, fees, etc..
  • $20 Planet Fitness membership
  • keep record with a journal: conversations, experiences, recommendations, ideas, positive talk.

Make time for yourself. What it mostly comes down to is saying no. Stay organized and disciplined. Don’t be to strict where you become a hermit. The whole point of travel is to learn, experience, grow, meet new people, try things you haven’t done before. Find your healthy balance. See you on the road. 🙂

Keep Moving Forward

Robbie Knecht

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