Find Your People

Find your people

If you want to achieve your goals the people in your social circle play a huge role. You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Also, the people those 5 people surround themselves with. First, you have to have a goal to work towards. Second, you have to change your social circle and find your people.

Social Circle

Achieving your goals involves choosing who you allow in your social circle. Some of the people in your social circle could be hurting progression. You don’t want to burn any bridges, but your goals don’t align. Also, you need to find your people.


People we grow up with could be hurting progression. Your goals don’t line up, and your values are different, but you remain friends. For a while I was asking people in my surroundings if they wanted to travel. No, phrased many ways, was the common answer. I can’t hate them for not having the same goals as me, but I also can’t let that stop me. I was delaying traveling on my own because it was uncomfortable leaving my friends, and going out on my own. Eventually I bought a plane ticket. What happened was I found other people that wanted to travel.

Find Your People

Find your people who challenge you. While you are putting in the work, look at those around you who are putting in the work. You may be doing two separate things, but challenge each other to push for more. No need for words, action speaks louder than words.

Find your people who inspire you. Study the people who are superhuman. The people who show up day after day working to make the world a better place.

Find your people who lift you up. The people who reach out their hand while you are down. The people who understand the value of failing.

Find your people who tell the truth. I would rather know the harsh truth than be fluffed with lies.

Find your people who celebrate with you. The people who won’t get jealous in your accomplishments. They celebrate with you because they know the value of hard work, and its payoff.

Find your people who don’t settle for mediocre. It’s easy to be normal, surround yourself with people who won’t settle for mediocre.

Find your people who are getting the results that you want. Follow the footsteps of the ones who came before you. Learn the way they think, how they handle situations, what they do on a daily basis.


I’m not sure who said, “show me your friends and i’ll show you your future” and I didn’t understand what it meant until I went solo traveling. I found people who wanted to travel. I surrounded myself with people who where doing what I wanted to do. No bridges were burned and I still keep in touch with old friends.

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