What is a Stonie?

What is a Stonie?

This brief article is on my opinion of the word stoner, what a Stonie is, and how I consume cannabis. In my opinion, stoner gets a harsh connotation. The propaganda has worked it’s magic and tainted the word. I think it’s time for the people in the cannabis population to have a rebranding of title.

Here is where I give you Stonie: a person who uses cannabis as a tool to enhance performance, problem solve, and self explore. Said another way, cannabis is a supplement.

Personally, I consume cannabis before an active task, or meditation. My preferred method of consumption is edibles. I’m not a fan of smoking and coughing. Edibles last longer then smoking flower, and does not feel as harmful on the body. I predict the preferred method of consumption will gradually move towards less harmful products (edibles, patches, health snacks, and more) as it becomes widely accepted — time-frame unknown.

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