Calories are a Buzzword

Calorie is a buzzword. Focus on reducing carbohydrate (aka sugar) intake.

Sugar is toxic to the body in the quantity we are consuming. The equation for total amount of sugar content: carbohydrates – fiber = total sugar.

The cliche goes “you are what you eat.”

Keep eating simple – plants and animals.

Stop judging yourself on what you eat.

Fat is the natural flavoring of food. When a product is labeled “fat free” all the flavor is stripped and sugar is added. Then, marketed as healthy.

“When to eat” is the starter question of “how to eat.”

Fasting, not eating for a period of time, recycles unused cells in the body.

The majority of our body is water – drink water.

Diets die while lifestyles last. Try all the diets to learn what works for your body.

How you feel is a consequence of the stuff you consume.

Protein bars are candy bars with added protein.

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