Start with what you know

There is a lot of information online telling you how to get fit. Start with what you know, and follow your interests.

Cultivate an open mind and try new things.

Stop talking and start doing.

Ignore fat people selling you how to get fit.

Most people start exercising to look good. If you are consistent you will get there.

When building a habit make the action your top priority for the day. A little effort each day will compound long term.

We gain motivation by seeing results. If you are discouraged keep going until you see results from your effort or move to another interest until you do.

Without a vision you have no direction. Have a clear vision of who you want to be, and make decisions in line with your vision.

Building a new habit takes patience, perseverance, and persistence. Remember the three P’s.

You will make no progress reading how to get fit. Skin-in-the-game is the most efficient way to make progress.

You are your only competition.

Habits strengthen when paired with other habits.

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