We are a part of nature

https://youtu.be/-nohZeI33CA We are a part of nature, therefore, it is wise to study how nature works. Get outside as much as possible. When you feel anxious use the earth to ground yourself. The sun and soil are the best medicine for a healthy mind and body. Our body is an accumulation of the food stuff [...]

Rest resets our systems

https://youtu.be/iqswrv_pKEo Rest is the physical and mental recharge - think of a battery. A 20 minute nap is more productive than working through sleep deprivation. To improve sleep quality avoid electronics in bed, darken the room, and keep the room temperature cold. Caffeine stays in our system for multiple hours. If you consume caffeine: drink [...]

Fit and functional

https://youtu.be/lp5XvtK-YQg Being fit and functional will impact every area of your life. Stretching helps with alignment. I use yoga, bands, and a foam roller to stay loose. The body learns your routine, switch it up often. You will not get a 6 pack in 6 minutes, it's a clickbait title. High bursts of intensity will [...]

Calories are a Buzzword

https://youtu.be/OAAPPK66jA4 Calorie is a buzzword. Focus on reducing carbohydrate (aka sugar) intake. Sugar is toxic to the body in the quantity we are consuming. The equation for total amount of sugar content: carbohydrates - fiber = total sugar. The cliche goes "you are what you eat." Keep eating simple - plants and animals. Stop judging [...]

Start with what you know

https://youtu.be/fhCBGbyTlTI There is a lot of information online telling you how to get fit. Start with what you know, and follow your interests. Cultivate an open mind and try new things. Stop talking and start doing. Ignore fat people selling you how to get fit. Most people start exercising to look good. If you are [...]