Intermittent Fasting Guide + Cookbook

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Have you tried all the yo-yo diets and have found yourself always falling back to your old habits?

What if I told you Intermittent Fasting is NOT a diet, but an eating pattern.

Instead of spreading your meals throughout the entire day using the fuel from the food you consume. Intermittent fasting allows us to tap into the natural fridges we carry around at all times (aka: our fat storages).

ON TOP OF THAT, Intermittent fasting has been shown to be very beneficial for our health.

Weight Loss

Muscle Gain

Increased Cognitive Performance

Increased Longevity



  • 33 Mouth-Watering Recipes
  • Vegeterian
  • Quick & Easy to Make

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  • Best Value
  • Intermittent Fasting Guide
  • Cookbook

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  • Benefits
  • How-To
  • Tips to Maximize Results
  • Protocol Printout

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Frequently asked questions

Is Intermittent Fasting a Diet?

No, Intermittent Fasting is and eating pattern.

What do I eat when Intermittent Fasting?

You can eat what you normally do. The healthier the food the better the results.

Is Intermittent Fasting for Everyone?

Yes and No, everyone is different and what works for someone may not work for another.

What is in the Cookbook?

The cookbook includes many quick and easy to make recipes to fill you up and keep you going!


”Robbie has been a positive influence throughout my health journey by promoting healthier, more nutritious options for my meals, as well as finding more creative ways to cook. Most people don’t realize that something that may seem healthy, can actually still be full of added sugars and preservatives; salads and “healthy” sandwiches at restaurants and fast food chains are a prime example. Because of this I have also become more conscientious of reading product labels, which in turn has helped me cut out things like processed sugar and reduced my daily caloric intake. The tips and recipes Robbie has showed me will help as I continue with my personal health journey.”
“The biggest thing I have learned from Robbie is that any step large or small, in the right direction, is the best thing you can do for yourself. Change comes at different paces for everyone. Robbie has helped me make those steps in the right direction. Without his help, I would not have been able to improve my life the way I have and the way I continue to.”