The ocean of life How you feel (ship) and how you think (captain) correlate. You need both a fit captain and ship to to get to each island. Islands are the destinations (reached goals). You learn from the waves of the ocean going from destinations. What you want is to live in bliss, riding the waves, going from [...]

Switch up your routine The body learns your routine, switch it up often. Throughout your progress you will hit plateaus - when results slow. When you become aware of a plateau, it's time to switch up the routine. Either by a different exercise, weight, duration, or intensity.

6 pack abs in 6 minutes You will not get a 6 pack in 6 minutes, it’s a clickbait title. Habits are the foundation of human life. We are organic habit machines. If I was to give you $2 million most will go bust. The money habits have not been developed to be responsible with the unearned wealth. You have [...]

Don’t take fit advice from fat people Ignore fat people selling you how to get fit. These people have no skin-in-the-game. It is clear as day that the person is not taking their own advice. It is important to study the people who have skin-in-the-game. These are the people who are putting in the work, who respond instead of react. The [...]

Mind and body work together. Mind and body work together. How you feel (ship) and how you think (captain) correlate. Thoughts are an accumulation of input. Watch your thoughts constantly without judgement. Social media is designed to addict you, use it as leverage to build your brand. Otherwise, get off. When you become anxious or depressed, get up and [...]

We are a part of nature We are a part of nature, therefore, it is wise to study how nature works. Get outside as much as possible. When you feel anxious use the earth to ground yourself. The sun and soil are the best medicine for a healthy mind and body. Our body is an accumulation of the food stuff [...]

Rest resets our systems Rest is the physical and mental recharge - think of a battery. A 20 minute nap is more productive than working through sleep deprivation. To improve sleep quality avoid electronics in bed, darken the room, and keep the room temperature cold. Caffeine stays in our system for multiple hours. If you consume caffeine: drink [...]