How to Read 1 Book a Week

The inter-web says that learners are earners. I took that idea to heart, studying successful people and the habits they have. One commonality amongst almost every successful person is there obsession for learning. Books can be a fantastic tool for personal growth. To read 1 book a week involves reading the first book, just reading, [...]

Can’t: the Lazy Excuse

What is the one word that is suppressing all your progression and future experiences? Can't. After reading the article you will learn the difference between can't and no, and have the tools to completely erase the word can't from your vocabulary. Programming Back story: Throughout school the word can't was a big part of my [...]

Gap Year: Should you do it?

Credit A gap year is a break in the routine. A time to switch things up and explore. Should you do it? Should you take a gap year is the question of the article, and by the end you will get a better idea if it's right for you. We will talk about the pros [...]