15 lessons from 15 jobs

I have had 15 different jobs since the time I could start getting paid. Before, I was doing yard work on our family acre in suburban Wisconsin. I am pretty good at mowing lawns and hauling mulch (if you need my service I gotchu'). You may be assuming I was fired from a job, nope. [...]

Happiness is a choice

Imagine there is a start line with tractor tires lined up all along. The tractor tires represent areas of your life. Each day is one chance to flip the tire (it's either one flip or none). Over a period of ten days you will be ten flips further from the start line. That's if you [...]

How to Travel with Only a Personal Item

Travelers are always looking for ways to save a few bucks. The only luggage I brought to Miami, New Orleans, and San Diego was a personal item packed with everything I needed. Almost every airline allows you to have one free personal item to bring with you. The largest personal item allowed on most flights [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Denver this Summer

There are multiple reasons to visit Denver, Colorado. The five reasons to visit Denver this summer include outdoor activities, music, breweries, cafes, and free things to do. People from all around the globe have made Denver a bucket list destination. Continue reading to find out what there is to do. The Incline Garden of the [...]