What is a Stonie?

This brief article is on my opinion of the word stoner, what a Stonie is, and how I consume cannabis. In my opinion, stoner gets a harsh connotation. The propaganda has worked it's magic and tainted the word. I think it's time for the people in the cannabis population to have a rebranding of title. [...]

15 lessons from 15 jobs

I have had 15 different jobs since the time I could start getting paid. Before, I was doing yard work on our family acre in suburban Wisconsin. I am pretty good at mowing lawns and hauling mulch (if you need my service I gotchu'). You may be assuming I was fired from a job, nope. [...]

Filter failure

When I searched "How to make money" on Google About 4,950,000,000 results (1.04 seconds) appeared. Four-billion and nine-hundred fifty million is a lot of information for anyone to process. Lets say that again, FOUR BILLION results in 1.04 seconds.. If you want to learn how to make money you have 4 billion different results, but all [...]

Happiness is a choice

Imagine there is a start line with tractor tires lined up all along. The tractor tires represent areas of your life. Each day is one chance to flip the tire (it's either one flip or none). Over a period of ten days you will be ten flips further from the start line. That's if you [...]

Change is the only constant

“People are usually afraid of change because they fear the unknown. But the single greatest constant of history is that everything changes.”Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow In the past changing location was a necessity. We had to follow the food and be creative in order to survive. Now, technology has made the [...]

A life full of decisions

I want you to grab your phones real quick for me, and go to Google maps. Google likes to give suggestions, click on any suggestion and a local location should pop up (if you did it wrong grab a hammer and smash the phone). Now you have two dots: the blue dot is you and [...]

How to build up resilience

Resilience Resilience is the toughening up of oneself. To see past the misfortune, and keep moving forward. Given the same amount of force, a thinner rubber band is less resilient then a thick rubber band. How do we build up our rubber band? We build up resilience through stress, repetition, and knowledge. Why? Before we [...]

Exercising while high

Bend and Blaze Yoga at the Ember Hostel Cannabis is a great supplement for performance. I use cannabis as a supplement for exercise, writing, and working. What I mean is if you have poor habits it will add-on to those poor habits. I started playing sports at a young age, and eventually signed up for [...]